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Who We Are?

Sri Lanka Base Camp

An adventurous safari getaway

Stay in comfortable and spacious tents while enjoying the true camping experience in the wilderness.


unforgettable experience UNDER THE CANVAS

Base Camp distinguishes itself from all other safari camps, with a genuine commitment to the true eco-tourism which enables both biodiversity and community to be benefited from its operations.

Base Camp offers a cluster of spacious tents, built diligently following the camping concept and eco guidelines. Designed with a view of leaving a minimal footprint, our safari camps follow strict environmental policies.

Base camp social responsibility to the benefit of the environment includes reducing carbon footprints to mitigate climate change, reforestation, recycling, minimizing the amount of paper waste, switch from incandescent light bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbs. engaging in charitable giving and volunteer efforts within our community, educational school visits, and research.

Apart from the direct involvement in research, the Base Camp contributes to the species conservation by restoring woody growth lost due to the primitive Chena cultivation carried out by the villagers, we have integrated our operations with the community with sustainability in mind. The guests of Base Camp are offered the exclusive privilege of planting native and endemic trees to join us on our mission.

Base camp strongly believes in the importance of community involvement in nature conservation. Our safari tours are run by the villages that were selected as ethical and efficient in safari driving. Hence we directly provide business opportunities and livelihood opportunities to the community which will reduce the human impact on the National Park.

Join us as a responsible guest